It’s All About The Hype.

I have the incredible opportunity to work and meet amazing people every day and I've learned to never take that for granted. Here's what a few of them have to say about me:

corey alison coco beautdega.png

“Emma is ridiculously talented!”

Words cannot express how happy I am with my website Emma at The Creative Uproar was able to create for me.

She meticulously picked my brain and pulled ideas from me on what my vision was - even though I had no idea how to relay that info to her.

She listened to my ideas and tweaked them to mean what I intended them to. She brought images together and truly captured my lingo in the content so my viewers/clients will feel like they are actually talking with me while they read info on my page.

She is professional, timely and ridiculously talented. If you're struggling with the face and voice you want your business to have, I urge you to contact Emma!

- Corey Alison, Owner, Coco Beautdega


“Emma always delivers.”

Emma is one of the best collaborators I’ve worked with! She clearly outlines her process and always delivers. She deeply cares about the quality of her work. Most of all, I was shocked at how easily she was able to capture “me" through her writing capabilities. Emma’s ability to turn my vision into reality makes me so grateful to have found her.

- Kellie Inglis, Style & Confidence Coach, Soul Restyled  

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"Emma is brilliant!"

Emma has been amazing to work with, she is very professional, creative and gives amazing ideas that I hadn't thought of before. I would recommend her to anyone looking for content creation, writing or even to help you flush out ideas for written content. She is brilliant and a wealth of knowledge.

- Danielle Wiebe, Founder, Business Babes Collective

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"Hiring Emma was the smartest thing I did."

As a busy entrepreneur, there’s only so much you can do yourself. I knew very little about social media, and needed to become more visible and get my company’s name out there! Social media marketing is one of the most important elements in growing your business today and hiring Emma was one of the smartest things for me to do.

Emma worked with me to design and create the website for “Makeup Artistry by Heather.” The work was done in a very professional and efficient manner. I found Emma was able to immediately grasp my ideas for the website concept and ensured my vision was expressed properly in the layout and design.

Emma created business pages on Facebook and Instagram while delivering timely and highly shareable content that helped to boost my followers on by 30% over 3 months.  With the addition of a dynamic, engaging website and social media plan a huge weight was taken off my shoulders so I could focus on building my business in other ways. I’d recommend Emma to any of my clients and personal friends who need help with their social media marketing!

- Heather Eggert, Makeup Artist & Owner, Makeup Artistry by Heather


“Emma really leveled up our copy!”

I would definitely recommend Emma to any business looking to level up their content. I was impressed with how quickly she understood our target audience and picked up the writing style of our brand. I look forward to reading her blog posts every month!

- Leanne Schmidt, CMO, BookedIN

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"Emma delivers concise copy, is dependable and creative."

While in her role Emma was the first point  of contact for our guests in the space as well as any facilitated inquires about our school and programs through email or telephone. Emma also managed the scheduling of the space and juggled all other aspects of many competing priorities. While in this role Emma offered to draft a proposal to initiate the implementation of eCommerce via Shopify.  The result was a well crafted, detailed plan that considered time lines, staffing needs, budget, technology and forecasting which was ultimately submitted to the President of our company.  I would recommend Emma to people who need someone who can deliver concise copy, is dependable and creative. Her insight was very valuable and very much appreciated. Emma was enthusiastic and open in all aspects of her role. She was very valued by those who had relied on her organizational skills and open communication. It was a true pleasure to work with Emma.

- Gina Hansen, Director of Retail Operations, Curlique Beauty