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Have you just spent weeks {OK, if you’re honest, months} writing the copy for your website only to realize it sounds nothing like you?

Or maybe you hit publish, sat back proudly with your giant mug of Hoegaarden and declared your sales page a roaring success—except it’s been weeks and there’s still no delightful ping-ping of depo’s into your Stripe account.

Well, put a pin in your panic cause I’m about to get all up in your copy for a little nip n’ tuck action.

Show-stoppingly effective copy is more than fancy-sounding words {the worst} and clickbaity headlines haphazardly strewn across the page.

For people to trust you enough to buy what you’re selling, you need the right balance of personality, persuasion, and strategy.

If you’re:

  • struggling to translate your personality onto the page

  • feel overwhelmed with all the ideas crammed into your writing

  • need a fresh set of eyes because you cannot handle another moment alone with your words

I got you.


Let me take a second look {ahem, rework} any copy you send over or direct me to {if it’s already live}.

Copy audits are great for…

...a website, email sequence, sales or landing page that’s already written but is struggling to bring in sales, show off your personality, bring in your ideal customer {or any customers—eek!} and to make sure it’s user-friendly.

...tight deadlines {your opt-in is coming in hot next week and your welcome series sounds like Siri wrote it} to meet and there are a few tweaks needed here and there.


How my copy audit process works:

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The Deep Dive…

I’ll send over my “Discover Your Brand” Deep Dive Workbook for you to fill out before we have our call (it’s fun, I pinky swear).

This will give me all the background information I need to get to work on your audit.

These questions bring out parts of your personality you’d be shocked to see, but they give me an in-depth look into your brand/business and customers.

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The Therapy Sesh…

60-90-minute video call - we’ll go over your answers, take a deep dive into your business, goals for your copy and this is where I’ll try and pick up some personality gold.

We’ll also recap our new project discussing deadlines and expectations.

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The Nitty Gritty…

Using the details from your Workbook, our call together and the research I’ve collected it’s time to audit!

What you’re really buying:

  • a voice your clients will connect with

  • an enjoyable on-page user experience

  • headlines that stop potential clients in their tracks

  • CTA’s that scream, “click me NOW!”

  • eye-grabbing copy that is unmissable to your ideal clients

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The Happy Dance…

After lovingly combing through your copy with a fine tooth comb, I’ll send you back a Google Docs Folder created just for you.

Inside you’ll find your original documents with my love notes sprinkled throughout so you can see where the changes were made (and what it looked like before).

The second will be a brand, spanking new doc with all the updates! 

You own both, they’re yours to keep and to do with as you wish. I hold no judgment so get all up in there and see what it feels like to be one with your new word-mates.


That’s all. Done and dusted. 

After this, you’re off to the races. 

You’ve got copy that sounds the way you speak, sells to the customers you really want and is so fly it 🎵 brings all the boys to the yard 🎵.


How much does the copy audit cost?

The audit starts at $357.

^^^this is a bargain when you consider you’re getting access to my web designer & copywriter brain. It’s the ultimate two-fer tuesday.


Number One: You have the right to receive your project on time.

I don’t miss deadlines. EVER.

When we get on our first call together, we’ll be discussing your project so I’ll be able to give you a timeline on when you can expect to show off your new copy. Once I put together your proposal, you’ll have firm deadlines (that we’ll both need to meet) so you can put the champagne on ice.

Number Two: You have the right to stay on budget.

You’ll be getting a fully outlined proposal from me that gives you the exact costs of your project down to the finest detail. Your project cost will never change unless you add on extra items - but I’ll let you know BEFORE we cross that bridge.

Number Three: You have the right to a full refund.

We’ll be working together like Tina & Amy, so at the finish line it should be high fives and the running man. If for whatever reason you’re not stoked with the copy I deliver, I’ll give all your hard earned benjamins back.

I want my clients shouting my name from the rooftops, not whispering in dark alleys about how disappointed they were.