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Need to have copy for an upcoming launch, ummm…yesterday?

Tired of collecting email addresses and not following up with any, well, emails?

Let’s put your business and my brain together for one beautiful day of copywriting, brainstorming and strategy.


Here’s what you’re really buying...

  • Powerful, actionable and unique ideas to make mucho dinero with your copy

  • A fresh perspective that’s thorough, practical and direct

  • Clarity and direction that will be instantly implementable

  • An unmistakable call out to your dream clients to tell them you’re the ONE

  • The dose of medicine you need to take a load off and RELAX

In the form of…

...“Ohhhh I gotta click that link” emails 

...Websites that rescue you from drowning in a sea of sameness   

...Landing pages that captivate and hook your audience top to tail.

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Two ways I can help…


OPTION ONE: Done with you

Have you already been working 24/7 on your copy and now those words are burning a hot hole in your retina? 

You’ve decided there’s no way you can see what the next logical step is. You need a fresh set of eyes to push you over the finish line…like, yesterday.

You already worked with a copywriter {or two} but now you need some edits, maybe feel like you wanna add in some personality...but don’t feel like paying thousands to get it buzzing?

Well you’re in the right spot.

I can make YOU your own competitive advantage. I’ll find the gold in the copy you’ve already created, polish it up so you’re clients don’t hesitate, pull the trigger and buy.


Here’s how:

  • Amp up your email series with personality and turn your pop-ups into conversion crushers

  • Take your website from meh to un-forking-forgettable

  • Make your landing page drool-worthy with an email series to match


OPTION TWO: Done for you

I’m guessing the idea of stringing together a headline can make your head spin...but you’ve got a crystal clear idea on what projects you’d like to happen?

I can take you from idea to execution like it’s my day job {<-- ahem, it is}


Here are some examples of what I can whip up for you:

  • Obsession-worthy Home & About pages

  • Start a new funnel that’ll have your potential clients saying; “Yassss, I’m in the right spot!”

  • Insanely clickable Facebook / Instagram Ads


Day Rates are perfect for you if:

You’re an established brand or business who’s lead by their personality.  *Bonus points* if you believe being socially conscious is just as cool as getting your hands on the latest pair of Jordan’s.

There’s a fat pile of projects, this close to completion, taking up valuable real estate on your desk, bed, backseat of your car…I don’t judge

All you need is a copywriter {that’s me} to package up your message, deliver it to you chock full of personality & ready to make your audience notice, click and share. All in less time than it takes to binge watch the first season of The Wire.


My process:

What it looks like when you buy my day…

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The Deep Dive…

First things first, I’m going to send over my “Discover Your Brand” Deep Dive Workbook so I can understand more about your business, customers & copy goals...before we get onto our call (it’s fun, I pinky swear). This will save us a ton of time up front and let us get down to a more focused mission on game day.

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The Therapy Sesh…

The day of, we’ll hop on a 30 - 60 minute video call in the morning to go over specifics (your goal, what I’ll be doing) and then…

…I’m off to the races. Head down, in the trenches, making copy for the next 6 hours. You can take a bubble bath, crack open a cold one or cackle wildly as your think of all the time you’ve just saved yourself.

happy dance with jeff goldblum.gif

The Happy Dance…

As the day draws to a close {all good things must come to an end}, I’ll send you a Google Drive folder with links to your new glorious copy.

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Alright Emma, I’m in…how much?


VIP Power Hour




VIP Full Day




VIP Half Day




Have some burning questions?

Will you be working on my copy the day of our call?

Most definitely. Once we jump off our call, I’ll be getting right down to it while our chat is fresh in my mind.

What if I just need half a day?

Not a problem! I have half day sessions or one hour available as well.

Do I have to pay 100% in advance?
Full payment in advance is required of the day. You can find a day that works for you on my calendar and then I’ll send you an invoice and a contract to seal the deal.

Can I jump on a quick call with you before I pay for the day rate plan?
Absolutely, if you’d like to chat you can book a 15 min call to ask any other questions you have about booking your day rate!

What kind of clients do you usually work with?
I work with socially conscious entrepreneurs and business owners who are personality-driven. 

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