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You try to write engaging, high-converting emails every week, but it’s tough.

Like, really tough. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the differences between a welcome series and drip campaign—not to mention finding the balance of persuasion and selling without coming across as a snake oil salesman.

But showing up for your audience with daily/weekly emails does more than keep you front of mind; your clients and customers are looking to buy from brands they’re familiar with. Showing up consistently builds up the know, like, trust factor you keep hearing about.

And to stand out in this packed arena you need to have PERSONALITY.

Snore-fest email full of regurgitated content will only zombify your audience or worse, your handcrafted writing will be immediately binned before they even open it.

I won’t let you become known as the bore-brand that only comes knocking on when you’re looking for a sale.

It’s time for you to step into the spotlight.

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The Fast & The Friendly Email Series

An email-only package is perfect for you if:

  • Want new subscribers saying, “I’ve finalllly found my people!”

  • Need to generate results in a hurry...and not leave your personality in the dust

  • Are tired of twisting and turning your copy every time you see a dip in conversions. You want words that make your customers hit the freakin’ buy button

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The Personality Power Up

A one-off email is ideal for if you need a:

  • Product email that’ll drum up genuine excitement and anticipation leading up to launch day →  CHA-CHING!!

  • Abandoned Cart email to show would-be customers what they’re missing with a wink and a smile.

  • need a collaborator you can trust. A person who digs your personality, loves a challenge, lives for deadlines and loathes egos. (<==  this is me BTW)


How it’s all gonna go down…

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The Deep Dive…

I’ll send over my “Discover Your Brand” Deep Dive Workbook for you to fill out before we have our call (it’s fun, I pinky swear).

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The Therapy Sesh…

60-90-minute video call - we’ll go over your answers, take a deep dive into your business, goals for your copy and this is where I’ll try and pick up some personality gold.

We’ll also recap our new project discussing deadlines and expectations.

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The Nitty Gritty…

Imma do my thing ——->

: this can include conducting and analyzing surveys, interviews, data mining (product reviews, social media, etc), audits.
Analyzing data and compiling voice of customer
Summary: Completing a research summary for you to keep for future reference (handy for all the copy you’ll create going forward!)
Writing - you’ll be provided with a firm deadline of when the first draft will be completed and ready to view in Google docs. Updates will be provided every 3 business days (depending on the scope of the project)
Edits - two rounds are included.

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The Happy Dance…

After taking the time to understand your business, customers & overarching mission, I’ll turn those golden nuggets into engaging emails that fit like your fave 501’s.

Emails that’ll engage your customers complete with:

  • Targeted calls to action

  • Image suggestions (or if required these can be provided at an extra cost)

  • Three subject lines for A/B Testing

I’ll forward your Google folder to you by the agreed upon deadline {FYI, I never miss a deadline} including any relevant links to your copy.


Number One: You have the right to receive your project on time.

I don’t miss deadlines. EVER.

On our kick off call, we’ll be discussing your project where I’ll give you a timeline on when you can expect to show off your new copy. Once I put together your proposal, you’ll have firm deadlines (that we’ll both need to meet)—get ready to put the champagne on ice.

Number Two: You have the right to stay on budget.

You’ll get a proposal from me that gives you the exact costs of your project down to the finest detail. Your project cost won’t change unless you add on extra items—but, I’ll let you know exactly what they are BEFORE we cross that bridge.

Number Three: You have the right to a full refund.

We’ll be working together like Tina & Amy, so at the finish line it should be all high fives and the running man. If for whatever reason you’re not stoked with the copy I deliver, I’ll gladly refund your hard earned benjamins.

I want my clients shouting my name from the rooftops while they do a happy dance, not whispering in dark alleys poking my voodoo doll.