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Check out soft sales  emails here .

Check out soft sales emails here.


BookedIN Email Copywriting

I create a minimum of three plain text newsletters each month which are sent their user base (65K +).

Besides these emails, I’ve created a new welcome series that’s triggered when our PDF opt-in is downloaded. The primary call to action is for potential users to sign up for a free trial.

Overall emails are created to:

  • drive sales (increase new user sign ups, upgrade current free users to paid plans)

  • retain (paid users)

  • inspire/delight

You can view a sample of those emails here.

Check out my blog posts  here.

Check out my blog posts here.


A growing SaaS appointment scheduling software company headquartered in Western Canada. Their primary focus is saving customers time so they can get back to doing what they love.

As a regular contributor to their blog, I handle:

  • content strategy

  • search engine optimization

  • keyword research

  • encouraging engagement, retention, driving traffic

  • providing education, motivation & inspiration

  • content curation

  • editing

  • upload to WordPress

BookedIN received 26, 000 unique visitors in March from a blog post written by me.

Featured in the August 9th Edition of the Quuu newsletter.

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Check out the  IG feed here .

Check out the IG feed here.


BookedIN Instagram

I repurpose the blog posts I write to create engaging, relevant Instagram posts each month. I’m also responsible for:

  • social media copywriting

  • headline creation

  • hashtag strategy

  • community engagement/outreach

  • content curation

  • ad creation

  • scheduling



Check out more  emails  here.

Check out more emails here.


Soul Restyled - Email Copywriting

I created a new welcome series to drive potential clients from a free opt in to a limited styling offer.

For this project I created:

  • 11 text based emails

  • landing page

  • uploaded all content (copy + images) into MailChimp

  • provided subject lines (with alternates)

  • tested series in mobile/desktop

This campaign has 74.7% open rate and a click through rate of 6.9%

View the full website  here .

View the full website here.


Soul Restyled

This firecracker is a stylist/confidence coach who’s on a mission to give women the confidence to own any room they walk into.

I had the pleasure of rewriting her website copy to target her ideal client, while also redesigning key parts of her website:

  • home page

  • work with me

  • about

  • contact

  • error/404

  • privacy

Take the  full quiz here .

Take the full quiz here.


Style Quiz - Opt-in

I created a signature style quiz for this stylist in order to collect email addresses and funnel them into her new welcome series.

This quiz was created using Interact and I also took care of:

  • copywriting

  • content curation

  • quiz creation

  • integration with MailChimp

This client went from <1% conversion rate on their opt-in, to 9.4% in less than 6 weeks with this quiz.

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Coco Beautdega

Corey Alison is the one superwoman show behind Coco Beautdega.

Part beauty, part science, Corey’s mission is to marry her two passions of making people look and feel confident with her dental background in Infection Control. She strives to offer Medical Esthetic services in a safe, clean environment.

I was happily tasked with:

  • website design

  • website copywriting

  • content curation

  • social media collateral

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Copy Audit for De Oliveira Tea House

Dana created De Oliveira Tea House for reasons that I’ll let you check out for yourself. She needed someone to do a quick copy audit after her Shopify website was already live.

I was more than happy to audit:

  • home page

  • about us

  • our teas

  • provide options for new headlines/sub headers

  • suggestions for UX (font scaling, white space, sentence/paragraph length)

  • H1, H2, H3

View the audit notes here.

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