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I help personality-driven brands sell services, products and brilliant ideas.


How? Glad you asked.


I write copy that sounds like you and sparks relevant conversations.


Does this sound like you?

➡️ Your je ne sais quoi disappears the moment you sit down to write.

In person you’re magnetic {you’d put Jagger to shame}. No one can take their eyes off you—but the minute you sit down to write, it’s invasion of the body snatchers. Instead of arousing the crowd you’re putting them to sleep faster than your 12th grade history teacher.

➡️ You know your audience like the back of your hand but attracting them? Nah uh.

You’ve just been handed a thick file on your dream customer - their pain points, deepest desires, what they love/hate about your service/product/idea and oh, so much more. But hold up, you haven’t a clue how to take those details and create personality-filled copy that’ll attract motivated buyers.

➡️ You can write, but conversion copywriting has you pulling out your hair.

You’re a good writer, after all, you cobbled together a website and those emails sequences didn’t launch themselves {plus those gold stars on your book report back you up}. Problem is, your customers are barely sticking around long enough to see what you’ve got to offer—let alone handing over their hard-earned dollar bills.

➡️ You have BIG deadlines looming (that product isn’t launching itself) and yet, the words refuse to materialize.

It’s crunch time, and no matter how hard you stare at the blinking cursor, those emails don’t seem to be writing themselves. You’re left wondering how you can talk your way into any situation (hello TedX), but when it comes to getting your thoughts onto the page, you’re firing blanks.


If you’re mouthing “fork yes” under your breath, do I have some great news for you.

I can help you write copy that sounds the way you talk, helps you communicate what your brand stands for and brings in a boatload of cash.

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The Fast & The Friendly Email Series

Your personality-fueled brand needs copy that sounds like you talk to captivate and hook your audience. I’ll help you find the words that’ll connect to your customers and make them want what you sell.


The Personality Power Up

You want copy that connects with your audience on a human level by incorporating the universal language of storytelling. I’ll create emails that arouse your audience to action.


The VIP Day Rate

You’re burning the candle at both ends and still struggling to get EVERYTHING done. I know you’re serious about wanting to stand out in your industry so it’s time to get clear on your message. Let’s see how I can help you move ahead on the projects you’ve already started.

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Hey, I’m Emma Boshart, Founder of Creative Uproar.

I help personality-driven small businesses and entrepreneurs sell more products, services and brilliant ideas with copy that sounds like you.  

Since 2015, I've been turning personal brands into mind-melting powerhouses, with copy that sells.

I've helped coaches, artists and creative tech start-ups stand out and amplify their impact with a voice that makes them UNDENIABLE within their industries.

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